Dakota is not just another restaurant.

It’s passion for the most tender steak you will ever taste, for the intimate atmosphere in a select location, for an exceptional crew that will transform every meal into an experience.

Dakota is a gastronomical tour de force, for connoisseurs who’ve seen the world and want to relieve the thrill of exceptional food, grilled to perfection.

The thrill of the grill

Dakota, a new concept that takes the steakhouse experience to the highest level of fine-dining.

Powered by the famous Josper charcoal grill.

By the principle `Quality is our passion`, we use the best products in our kitchen, from the meat that we directly import from the best beef producers (Brazil, Argentina, Australia) to the hybrid grill and oven in which we cook it to get that charcoal flavour, charred texture and juicy, succulence we all love.

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